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27th APR


Richard Fishbourne, bugs & beasties expert

25th MAY


Tim Foster, local author & lecturer

PLANT SALE bring any spare seedlings/plants

29th SEPT


 Tim Foster, local author & lecturer

27th OCT


Bring organic food and drink to share.

(Members collect Group Seed Order forms)

24th NOV


Maggi Brown, former Head of Education,

Garden Organic

26th JAN


Jon Lucas, founder member of Avon Organic Group


Tom Hartley, Soil Association


SEED SWAP bring saved or surplus seeds to swap


 23rd MAR


Sue Redfern, local herbalist

27th APR


Richard Fishbourne, bugs & beasties expert

25th MAY


Tim Foster, local author & lecturer

PLANT SALE bring any spare seedlings/plants


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The Horfield and District Allotments Association is a Company Ltd by Guarantee. The members are the allotment holders.

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Providers of Manure


Pete, is carrying on the business of providing the manure which used to be run by Mr Hanham. The manure is totally excellent - according to all those who have already bought this manure. Cow manure only but, everyone very pleased with this product.

Contact Pete for farm manure - 07900980935   [ I have bought a load of this manure as have several of my plot neighbours - great stuff  and service with a smile - Marjorie]


Hi -My name's Nathan and I have been Supplying Manure to your allotments for the last 15 years.

I offer Mushroom compost and Farmland Screened Topsoil / Barkmulch ( Handy for making walkways ) and Horse / Cow Manure very well rotted in Bulk Tipper loads or Bagged no order too Big or Small and to any Budget And do 7 day deleivery evenings too Nathan 07970559156


Dee Powell

We have a large amount of well rotted horse manure available for sale.  We have a constant supply of manure, both fresh and presently well rotted.  We are in Pucklechurch, but do have the ability to deliver if necessary and have delivered to Horfield on a number of occasions.  All the manure is bagged (the bags are around 15kgs in weight) and ready to go - they are £2 per bag.

Contact Dee Powell - 07810808507     OR      dee24668@aol.com


Horse manure from the farm near Cribbs. £90 for a long trailer and the manure is very high quality- well rotted and  chock-a-block with worms)-Telephone no. 01179501838

Bagged - well rotted manure


Mr Bartley - 07884394506. Price and delivery charge depending on amount. Discuss with Mr Bartley.


Tay Lane-Purnell has bagged manure £1 a bag delivered or 50p collected. Call her on 07788584364 to discuss type of manure and quality as well as delivery arrangement.

Compost for Allotment Holders

The Allotment Association is selling top quality, peat free, organic compost [Soil Association Certified] to members on the Golden Hill Site. £5 per wheelbarrow load, approx. 80litres

Pete Clee will be available for members wishing to buy on Wednesdays [all day] and Sundays from 1.00pm – 3.00pm or Contact him on 01179756647.

Members from other fields can collect by arrangement with Pete. 



Please do not bring rubbish on to plots. Unless something is going to be quickly used for a useful purpose on the plot, it should not be there. You risk losing your tenancy and being charged for its removal. In addition, bonfires are only for disposing of material from the site that cannot be composted. Material must not be brought on site to burn.

Dogs on the Allotments


Like many allotmenters - though not all by any means - I do love dogs.

However, dog owners should be aware that the allotment fields are intended for the cultivation of crops. They are not ever intended as a dog walking area, a dog exercise area and never, ever as a dog toilet.

I have recently,  had several complaints of dog poo on and around allotments of members who do not have dogs [ including me ] on paths, among crops, etc.

Several of my neighbours have also expressed their disgust at finding multiple dog poos on their paths and plots.

If you are planning to bring your wonderful pooch onto the allotment site, it is your responsibility to keep it under control and on your plot at all times. If the unthinkable should happen you MUST clear it up and take the resultant package home with you to dispose of.

Please also be aware that many children are afraid of dogs. Roaming animals, however cute and friendly you might consider them, for a young child, meeting them may be a traumatic experience.




Children on Allotments

Most Allotment members agree that being able to have children with us on our allotments gives us more freedom to work our plots - knowing that our children are with us, engaged, occupied  and safe.

Without this freedom, many mothers would be unable to involve themselves in this work. This would be a huge loss to our allotment community and to the involvement of women in this important activity.

It is also important for our children to understand where our food comes from and as they mature we hope they will develop an interest in gardening and in growing food. Without this intoduction and exposure to the process their interest is less likely to develop.

However, it is important that parents accept responsibility for their children when they bring them to their allotments. They should not be allowed to run onto others' plots nor to damage environments, equipment nor crops on neighbours' plots. It is also important for parents to be aware that the allotments fields can be dangerous and uncomfortable places for young children - from bees to nettles, ponds to tools and other equipment. It is unreasonable to expect all plot holders to make their plots child safe for those children who are outside of their parents' control.


Please be responsible for your children on our allotment fields

Keys to Fields


For all new plot holders, the appropriately marked keys will now cost £10 which will be refunded on the return of the keys when you are leaving the plots. The Keys should be returned to your Field Rep or a member of the Committee.

For Key holders who have been provided with keys before this time, the refunded cost will continue to be £5 on return of the key.

Please ensure that the Committee member you pass the key to knows who it has come from.


We have had several requests for maps  and positions of our Allotment Fields see 'Our Sites' page under 'Home'

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We have, unfortunately, heard from some of our plotholders that valuable items have been taken from their allotment sheds.

Having a good lock on the shed door is no guarantee that the shed will not be broken into.

We advise that you don't leave anything in your shed which is expensive/ valuable/ hard to replace or which could be used to start a fire.

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The Website

This website is for the members of the Horfield and District Allotment Association. I would like to make it as informative and enjoyable as possible for all. The site is new and I would like to add more sections with multiple pages which will give growing and harvesting tips.- Recipes for using our produce.- Preserving and storing food. - Subjects which might be of interest to our members (eg. bee-keeping), - and perhaps, a forum for members to share ideas.

* If you have ideas of other pages or sections you would like to have added please let me know on :


* If you have recipes for dishes using our produce please let me know.

* If you have favourite methods for storing and preserving produce, please let me know.





The Horfield and District Allotment fields are in North Central Bristol in England.  

There are three separate sites spread over 2 or 3 miles, consisting of 6 allotment fields. Four of the fields are adjacent on Golden Hill in Bishopston, bounded by Monk Road, Longmead Avenue and Kellaway Avenue.

The other 2 fields are Grahams Field in Horfield and Birchall in Redland.





The Association leases the sites from Bristol City Council and they are managed by a Committee which includes the representatives from each field. We have been working and investing over the last few years to improve security, particularly around the Golden Hill site.

This is of course, a continuing process.

You may also have noticed, on the Golden Hill Site that we are setting up our own watering system which will use the ground water on the site. The water will be pumped from the bottom of St Agnes Field to the top of Baptist using solar power and should be available in the tanks and taps on Baptist, and St Agnes by the beginning of the 'watering season' 2013,  in the first instance with the expectation that this system will also include Davis and Longs in the long term. This should save the Association a significant amount of money over the season.


If you want to rent a plot, contact Marjorie McCartney on email: horfieldallotments@gmail.com

Hello from the Forest of Avon Trust

We just wanted to let you know that our 2016/17 Fruit Tree & Bushes Order List is out now! (Please see attachment below).


This will be the fifth year that Bristol-based charity, Forest of Avon Trust will be offering a wide range of pre-ordered fruit trees for collection from Ashton Court Estate, Bristol, from early November 2016.

You can choose from a huge range of top-quality English grown plants at discounted prices. Your custom directly supports the Forest of Avon Trust’s work to plant local trees and improve local woodlands for people and wildlife.




Simply send your order, address and phone number to: info@forestofavontrust.org and we’ll email you back to confirm availability and price.

All meetings  on Thursdays at 7pm at the Dance Studio,

The Station,

Silver Street, BS1 2AG                                  

Visitors £3, members £1

31st may 077a

My list of manure providers is probably long out of date.

If you know any from the list below who are no longer offering manure please let me know.

More importantly, if you know of any good providers who are not on the list please send me their information.




Check the Ashley Down Shop page for details of Seed Potatoes and Onion sets

See our new page on Horfield and District Allotments Association's 100th Anniversary.

More information on events to come.

Message for Birchall Plot Holders

Unfortunately this winter we have had increasing problems with teenagers on the allotment drinking and smoking in polytunnels, sheds and benches.  They have not caused any damage but have left rubbish, broken into sheds and have been rude and unpleasant.  

The teenagers are not related to tenants and so should not be there.  We have reported the incidents to the police and the local PCSO, Joe has contacted residents on Birchall Road to ask them to report any teenagers on the field.  Several have been caught and told not to gather there.  

We have also involved Cotham and Redland Green School.  If you have any concerns please phone 101 and report them to the police and let us know via email or phone.

For All Plot Holders

When we had a quick walk around the field we noticed that many plots do not have plot number signs or legible ones.  Please can you make sure that your plot has one before 1 May 2017.  

It is important for us to be able to determine the plot numbers particularly when we are reporting incidents to the police and checking on progress.  

It is also part of your responsibility as a tenant.

Bonfires are now banned on all of our fields.


You may not have fires or bonfires on the allotments until November