Horfield and District Allotments Association

Field Representatives and Committee

The allotments Committee

Chair                         - Neil Pirie        

Vice Chair                - Pete Clee

Company Secretary - Brian Styles      

Treasurer                 - Brian Styles

Secretary                 - Sarah Rhodes

Plots Manager         - Christine Styles

                                    and all Field representatives


Your Field Representatives

are there to help you. They all have plots on the fields they are representing and will be available frequently to discuss your problems, issues or personal circumstances which might prevent you from keeping up-to date with work on your plot.

It is most important that any problems you are experiencing are discussed with your Field Rep. before the issue is brought before the Committee.


Please remember that all members of the committee are volunteering their time and a lot of effort to help and support the Allotments Association and its members but, The Allotments Association is NOT just 'The Committee'. It is ALL of the members.


It is also important to remember that we have a long waiting list of people - for each field - who would like to have a plot, or half a plot, or even just a small part of a plot, to grow produce and enjoy the experience with friends, partners and families.


If you feel you can't successfully continue to work the plot you have, please let your field representative know. We are happy to arrange for you to keep an agreed amount that you feel you can cope with while allowing someone else to take over part of it. Then everyone is happy.


Some years ago, it was felt that by holding onto a plot and continuing to pay the rent - members were doing the Association a favour as, the fields would not then be taken over by Bristol City Council. This is no longer the case. We now have waiting lists which we estimate are in excess of two years.


Words most often heard by Field Reps.   ''I wish people wouldn't.....':

* leave muck on the haulingways. It just encourages weed growth;

* overfill watering cans and waste water in spillage;

* wash vegetables or boots in the water trough - take a bucket of water out for these jobs and discard on your own plot - this way we all keep our own 'nasties';

* leave rubbish in the hedges.


If you have any to add which you feel are important or maybe an - 'Isn't it nice when people........'


please send them to Christine at: -    christine_styles@hotmail.com

Neglected Plots


The committee carries out annual plot inspections in June. However, our Field Representatives also check on the condition of plots at regular intervals throughout the year.

These inspections have become ever more important as the pressure from our rapidly lengthening waiting lists increases, in common with all allotment associations throughout the country. People in our communities are increasingly aware of the importance of good, healthy food;looking after our environment; fresh air and exercise; engaging our children with the growing experience; maintaining our fitness and well-being into old age and sharing these activities with others.

The committee has a responsibility to ensure the plots are used fully and properly.

If you find that, this year, special circumstances have prevented you from fully cultivating your plot, please discuss your difficulties with your Field Rep. or another member of the committee. It is important that you do this before you receive a 'neglect letter', by which time you will only have a short period to deal with the issue, and will be given a date to have the plot at least 2/3 cultivated, or have it re-let.


There are other options:


* Perhaps you are finding that your other committments or health issues are preventing you from working the plot as much as you would like, but you feel you could manage a smaller area - discuss this with your Field Rep. then ensure the smaller plot you have re-negotiated is kept well cultivated.


*You feel you can no longer cope with the work - you don't have time or health issues prevent you from maintaining your plot. - please inform your Field Rep or other member of the committee so that the plot can be re-let as soon as possible.

Field Reps

                                           email                                                                         telephone               plot

Baptist Field

Joe McSorley                 joemcsorley@hotmail.com                                      01179423449             19



Birchall Field

Katharine Alsop            katharine.alsop@icloud.com                                 07769716576              27A

Ted Ayers-Hunt            ted.ayershunt1@sky.com                                        01179380688              28

Kirstin Wimster           kirstin.allotment@gmail.com                                 01179441175              8A


Davis Field              

Roger Hake                                                                                                      01179427915              5

Steve Soffe                      s.r.soffe@bristol.ac.uk                                            01179240916            19a


Grahams Field

Phil Hall  [Telecoms]              gaffer48@talktalk.net                                    01179691756              4

Jamie Darke [Highbury Rd]   jamie.darke@blueyonder.co.uk                  07816772096              29a

Rhoda Lock [Highbury Rd]   rhoda@arck.myzen.co.uk                            01179514679           21,23a, 35


Longs Field

Roger Chainey                 roger.chainey@blueyonder.co.uk                        01179424849              12

Sarah Griffiths                sarahegriffiths@hotmail.com                              07846270368      17A & 17B

Matthew Griffiths             griffiths42@hotmail.co.uk                                  01179444237        17A & 17B


St Agnes Field

Pete Clee                          peteclee@blueyonder.com                                     01179756647               7

Neil Pirie                          cnpirie@hotmail.com                                            01179427123            49 & 50