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Puddings using fruit

Recipes        see also page on rhubarb

 - Plum Sponge Pudding

 - Plum Pie

 - Apple and Blackberry Pie

 Plum sponge pudding

500g  (1lb) ripe plums – washed, halved and stoned,   50gm  (2oz) sugar,   1 dsp water

For the sponge

75g ( 3oz) butter or margarine,    75g (3oz) castor sugar,    110g (4oz) SR flour

2 large eggs,      ¼ tsp baking powder.

• Stew the plums with the sugar and water until lightly cooked. Cool

• Cream the butter and sugar and gradually beat in the lightly whisked eggs.

• Sieve the baking powder and salt. Fold it into the creamed mixture.

• Put the partially cooked plums in the bottom of a pie dish and cover with the cake mixture.

• Bake in a moderate oven(180°C, no5 gas) for approx. 40 mins. Reduce the temperature slightly to prevent the cake mixture from burning, if necessary.

• Serve with crème fraîche, cream or ice-cream.


Plum Pie

500g (1lb) ripe plums – washed, halved and stoned,      100g (4oz) sugar

Short crust pastry

175g (6oz) plain flour,  80g (3oz) margarine or butter,   pinch salt,    approx. 6 tsp cold water

• Sieve the flour and salt.

• Rub in the margarine until like fine breadcrumbs.

• Add the water to ensure the mixture forms a firm dough – don’t make it too wet.

To make up the pie

• Prepare the fruit and layer with the sugar in a pie dish. The dish should be well filled as it will reduce during cooking.

• Roll out the pastry. Use a few slices from the side to line the edge of the pie dish the top the pie with the pastry. Seal the edges.

• Bake in a hot oven (200°C, no 6 gas) until the pastry is golden/light brown, then reduce the temperature to ensure the fruit is cooked – approx 40 minutes in total.

• Sprinkle the top with caster sugar and serve with custard or whipped cream.

Recipe by M.McCartney ©


Apple and Blackberry Pie

I can’t believe that my old college cookery book has no recipe for blackberry pie. When I was a child this was definitely the dish I waited for all year. We went out blackberry picking when I was very young – my mother said that I ate more than I picked. In wet years, the blackberries may have been full of maggots - well each berry may have had its pet maggot but, I soon learned to ignore them in favour of the berries themselves. Blackberries are one of the real wild fruits available to us as the ‘brambles’ – the plants they come from are very hardy, deep-rooted, tenacious, so – are particularly difficult to eradicate. So, let’s make the most of them.

Ingredients – for a 1 litre ( 1½ - 2 pint) pie dish

2 good-sized cooking apples – Bramleys for preference

1 good sized punnet of blackberries( 1lb or 450 -500gm). The amount is not critical. The fruit must fit into your pie dish to fill it well.(the fruit will drop as it cooks)

3 Tblsp. sugar

Short crust pastry

150g plain flour (6oz)

75g margarine or butter (3oz)

6 tsp cold water approx.(this amount may vary slightly depending on the weather and the flour you are using – you need the ingredients to bind together without being sticky).


• Sieve the flour and salt into a baking bowl. Add the margarine and rub in with your finger tips to create a texture like fine breadcrumbs – don’t allow the mixture to become sticky.

• Add the water slowly to ensure the ingredients combine without becoming too soft.

• Knead gently to combine the ingredients for a short time – 1 minute.

Making Pie

• Preheat the oven to 180°C, Mark 6 gas

• Peel. Core and slice the apples and place half of them in the pie dish.

• Put in a layer of blackberries and a layer of the sugar.

• Repeat this process until the dish is full.

• Roll out the pastry on a lightly floured board to ½ cm thick approx.(¼in)to the shape of the pie dish. Cut off a strip of pastry wide enough to go around the rim of the dish

• Wet the edges of the pie dish with water and apply the strip to the edges. Wet the top of the pastry strip with water.

• Put the pastry on top of the pie. Trim and seal the edges. Put a small slit on the top of the pie to allow the steam to escape.

• Bake for about 15 – 20 minutes then reduce the temperature and bake for a further 15 – 20 minutes to ensure the fruit is cooked. Don’t allow the pastry to burn

• When baked, sprinkle the top with a little caster sugar immediately and serve with cream, ice-cream or crème fraîche.

recipe by M.Mccartney

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