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Hi everyone,


Just a few days left to the......  Big Spring Fair.  Next Saturday 9th May 1-4.


Long time garden supporters you know how lovely these events and so you won't need any convincing to come along but for those of you who have yet to experience a fair in the garden and might be umming and ahhing.... Here's 10 reasons of the top of my head why you should definitely come to the fair.


1. Come and see our beautiful Bale House in all it's completely nearly totally finished glory.

2. Get tool sharpening help from Tim Foster - get yer shears out!

3. B uy lots of lovely flower and veg seedlings or maybe win a vegetable garden's worth of plants in the raffle.

4. Request one of 300+ songs to be played and sung live by Pip the human jukebox

5. Get your face painted like tiger.... for free!

6. Eat cake and listen to the brass band/choir/morris dancers

7. Pizza from the frog

8. Make a may crown or a your very own badge... for free!

9. Go newt spotting in the pond

10. Support a little piece of green heaven just off Gloucester Rd

And I haven't even mentioned the hand massage, or Trevor our fave recorder player or the up-cycled pallet furniture being made on the day or the tour of the garden or it's a chance to get chatty with the nice folks from Bishopston Society or that it's a great opportunity to sign up to be a Friend of the Garden or that we'd just love to have you along.


So whatever the weather we'll be there and so bring your family, tell your friends, put up a poster at work and let's make this the biggest and best fair yet!  And don't worry if the sun's not shining on the day - we're pros at having great events in terrible weather.


Thank you so much to the fab volunteers who make these events possible - they are crucial to the garden and we've always room for some more.


See you in the garden!



Lucy Mitchell

Community Project Worker

The Golden Hill Community Garden: Horfield's Accessible Allotment and Edible Forest

07506 905 394



P.S You're receiving this email because you have at some point shown an interest in the Golden Hill Community Garden.  Just let me know if you'd like to be taken off the list.


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