Horfield and District Allotments Association

suppliers and shops

Ashley Down Shop - run by  our local Allotment Associations

Seeds, seed potatoes, equipment.

Open Saturday and Sunday

 10.30 - 12.00

At the foot of Station Road

www.dobies.co.uk www.thompson-morgan.com www.marshalls-seeds.co.uk



Most of the major seed houses will also sell fruit bushes and trees. The links below are for specialists


Pomona Fruits




The Dorset Blueberry Company


For Blueberries, cranberries., lingonberries - they also sell camellias and azaleas

They have 2 links and both will take you to their website




www.PomonaFruits.co.uk www.trehane.co.uk dorset-blueberry.com www.unwins.co.uk


Jekka McVickar - Wonderful site for buying organic herbs and herbal products, kitchen, home and health. Lots of advice and tips.

See Jekka's 'New Book of Herbs'

Do check out her blog




Suffolk Herbs




Herbal Haven




Arne Herbs

next door to Bristol




Laurel Farm Herbs






Norfolk Herbs


Great plants - I can vouch for them - M







Many of the main seed companies also sell herb seeds and plants

www.suffolkherbs.com www.suffolkherbs.com www.realseeds.co.uk jekkasherbfarm.com www.herbalhaven.com www.arneherbs.co.uk www.laurelfarmherbs.co.uk



Problems with your computer?

Check out Peter Styles @


Excellent friendly, local support. My PC surgery is Bristol's premier supplier of services for the home computer user. An effective, reliable and cost effective source for all your computer needs from repairs and data recovery to upgrades, new hardware acquisition, training and home installations




Ross runs a small company supplying mushroom compost for £55 per cubic metre plus delivery but incl VAT. He says he will go anywhere all over the country to deliver.

If interested phone him on 07855235020 / 01525873438


UK Sleepers

 Reclaimed sleepers treated / untreated  - new untreated and new eco friendly treated sleepers. Do check for offers.




Manure for the taking,

From Katharine on Birchall

Manure needs to be collected yourself .Fantastic quality, really well rotted. Horses are kept on straw not sawdust so ideal for allotments. £5 a load but hard work getting it as you have to load it yourself – we borrowed a trailer but person before us was bagging it up & putting it in his car. The money goes to the disabled riding centre which is a charity.


Avon Riding Centre for the Disabled

Kings Weston Road



BS10 7QT

Tel 0117 959 0266




Gardening and Allotment Equipment


Taylors Choice

All sorts of horticultural supplies from onion seeds and sets to potatoes and essential fertilisers. Have a look at the website. Although dealing normally with large quantities, you canget good deals if you get together with your neighbours to buy.




Harrod horticultural

All sorts of wonderful equipment for the gardener and the allotmenteer. Not cheap!




Two Wests and Elliott


Wonderful equipment for the garden, greenhouse and allotment. But, not cheap




Most of the major seed houses also sell essential hgardening equipment - do check for the best deals.

www.twowests.co.uk www.taylorschoice.co.uk www.harrodhorticultural.com

Food preservation and preparation



On-line shop selling all sorts of household, storage and preserving equipment. Also gardening equipment at appropriate times of the year





 Wonderful, outstanding site for the homegrower, smallholder, gardener, cook - all equipment you could possbly need.




Patteson's Glass


Wonderful range of jars, bottles and bottling equipment.

www.lakeland.co.uk www.ascott.biz www.jarsandbottles.co.uk www.uksleepers.co.uk

Seaweed Products

Containing specially selected, mineral rich seaweed harvested by hand, with no machines used, thus respecting the wild life and surrounding environment, our sustainable harvesting management plan ensures the sustainability of our local ecosystem. From the clear, clean waters around the Shetland Islands, our 100% organic and natural seaweed fertilisers, seaweed plant food, seaweed animal feeds and seaweed edibles will give you, your garden, crops, livestock all the sustenance needed to be the healthiest & most productive ever and in the most natural way. Seaweed is packed full of goodness that everything in life needs, and provides it all in a balanced and natural level. As well as being certified by SOPA, we are certified by FEMAS, approved by BETA, with the edible food production approved by Food Safety.


Hinton Organics (Wessex) Ltd can supply the



Now called   ---  REORGANICS


0117 9867122

or 07969172340

Please note that we  do not endorse these products and services and cannot vouch for their quality.

www.nickys-nursery.co.uk/ www.organiccatalogue.com adoptaseed.org www.vegetableseeds.net

Bristol Wood Recycling Project



PLANKS FOR SALE – 3.9m / 13ft

£12 EACH – Free delivery to this site for orders over £100


Normal Delivery Charge - £15

Free delivery for orders over £100



Ready-made raised beds of any size at £5 Per Metre of wood

Self-assembly raised beds at £4.50 Per Metre of wood




          0117 972 3219



13 Cattle Market Road, BS1 6QW


The Bristol Wood Recycling Project is a not for profit social enterprise, our core objectives are:

- To save resources from waste

- To enable social inclusion

- To provide affordable timber to the local community

- To remain self fundingInsert body text here ...

Grow Rings


Urban Growing System - instant raised beds.



My factory has a fair number of empty 200 litre blue plastic barrels.


We tend to produce 3 or 4 a week. The allotment keepers who used to take them away seem to have enough and we are keen to find more  people who would like to take them.

It seems a shame to throw them away, we would rather give them away to people who can   use them.

Regards, Peter Carroll.


Call anytime to arrange collection 0117 9087770


Amphora Aromatics Ltd

Kingsown House

St Philips

Bristol BS2 0HN.


Timothy Gatfield [mailto:timgatfield@icloud.com]  Sent: 25 February 2015   16:05

To: BRLSALLOT Allotments

Subject: Local coppice bean poles and pea sticks

Hi There,

We have pea sticks ( bundles of 10 @ £6) and bean poles ( bundles of 13 @ £10).

These were grown at Cherry Wood and FSC low impact sustainable woodland


Please support your local coppice workers! Many thanks


All the best - Tim Gatfield

07921 361484


[Bristol 2015 - European Green Capital – an

initiative of the European Commission] <http://www.bristol2015.co.uk>

local blacksmith

A message from Ted Ayers-Hunt, field rep on Birchall Field


I recently managed to damage my 'mechanical spade' shaft and needed to get it welded.  Both the smithies in WoT and Glos Rd have now closed, but was directed to a small smithy in Somerville Rd, just off the Gloucester Rd, who did the repair and charged me a tenner!



914 7566

Mob 07914 931782\]



He's quite happy to undertake small jobs, is centrally based and is obviously competitively priced.

https://www.growseed.co.uk www.norfolkherbs.co.uk/