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Baptist Field – This is the field on Golden Hill where the new black water storage tanks are situated. On the top right with the prison behind you.

This field is also accessed from Donkey Lane – first gate on your left approaching from Longmead Avenue.


Birchall Field – On its own, this field is used as an informal right of way, so security is a completely different ball game. The field slopes in two different directions and is very sunny. It also has a large underground Wessex Water storage tank.

It can be accessed on foot from Birchall Road or by vehicle via a lane off Cairns Road.
























Davis Field – The large field on the top left on the Golden Hill site, beside Baptist Field.

It can be accessed through the gates at the bottom of the hill behind Horfield prison or from Donkey Lane – through the second and third gates on the left hand side approaching from Longmead Avenue.




Grahams – There are two fields on the Grahams site. Each field has 20 plotsrunning downhill between the A38 and Filton Avenue down Wessex Avenue. It is sheltered by houses and can be difficult to access for manure lorries.

Approaching from the A38 direction the site on the left is Telecoms Field and on the right is Highbury Road Field.
























Longs Field – Longs Field is situated between Donkey Lane and Kellaway Avenue sheltered by rows of shops, flats and houses. It can be accessed via Donkey Lane approaching from Longmead Avenue – the gate on the right hand side. A field with great aspect.



St Agnes Field – A largish field at the bottom of the hill behind Horfield Prison. It can be accessed from Monk Road.

It is also the site of the Golden Hill Community Garden with poly-tunnels and the Eco House. There is a large pond, a car park, large storage container, well for solar pump and the Tower of Power [the solar panels which power the water pump to take water to the top of the hill.







































Birchall Field Golden Hill Wessex Avenue

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